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About Lighthouse Software Development.

Lighthouse Software is a premire Custom Software Developer for ISO's, Agents, and Acquirers in the Credit Card Processing Industry. We have been providing Enterprise Software Solutions to ISO's and Acquirers for over 14 years. LSDI has always been in the forefront of Back Office Systems with a full complement of products that are modularized and totally customized to meet the immediate and growing needs as more functions are moved from outsourcing to in house. Based around our Beacon MS SQL Database, Data Entry, Customer Service and Residual Reporting comprise the basic system functions. Optional interfaces to Credit Bureaus and Databases for ID Verification provide “Know Your Client” to reduce your Fraud Exposure. With interfaces to many processors including, Amex and Discover, various front ends and a direct feed to your Terminal Build Services , “World Class Single Point of Entry” is not wishful thinking.

At Lighthouse Software, we foster trust and reliability through our customized business model which treats each customer like as a true business partner. Our Customer Service team possesses intimate knowledge of the bankcard processes and procedures and can direct any inquiry to its resolution. The team is made up of professionals with a combined over 50 years of customer service experience. The team provides invaluable services that you can rely on:

Being easily accessible for you
Solving problems with a profound understanding of the issues
Exercising courteous manners and professional attitudes

Lighthouse Software Service provides Superior and Consistent Service to our partners, vendors and end users we serve. No call goes unanswered.



Before you Outsource your Services
We provide solutions that are cost effective with a ROI generally within 7 months of purchase. When purchased and installed at your site, there are NO re-occuring fees. With our Enterprise Software you have a perpetual single site license with unlimited user access.

Hosted ASP services are available for a single monthly fee with unlimited access, no reoccuring housing or maintenance fees. We will even credit up to your fist 12 months when you decide to purchase the system and have it installed.

We don't upsell nor do we solicit from your client list. Your data is totally confidential, period. All we do is support you and help you grow.

Our products are designed and developed to provide Intuitive Operatlion Methodolgy which reduces the amount of training required and increased productivity. We make things EZ to Operate and EZ to Understand.

EVOOur Goal is to Make You Profitable

We provide solutions to increase productivity without increasing your expense. Our entire line of services are Modular so you only need to install what you need your business. For those just starting up with a tight budget we offer a Hosted Service with our Agent Center and our Data Entry Application with Residuals for a low one cost monthly fee. When you grow does your Outsourced IT expense grow? It doesn't the the Enterprise Solutions of Lighthouse Software Development.

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